CERO: Coronado Emergency Radio Operators 


Once you have taken your required online FEMA courses, you will understand disaster responders must use the National Incident Management System (NIMS) standards, including standard forms.  The standard message form is the ICS-213 form, and you can add it directly to Winlink's RMS Express software to put your messages in the correct format every time.


#1.  Advance your RMS Express application to the latest release or beta version.
  • Starting with a Windows 7 or 8 OS computer, be sure you have a connection to the internet.
  • Find the directory where RMS Express is saved (usually C:/RMS Express) and open that file.
  • Scroll down to the line  Name: “RMS Express,” Type: “Configuration Settings” (NOT the line Name: “RMS Express.exe.config,” Type: “CONFIG File”) and open it.  The correct folder can also be identified as the one having the little blue gear on its leading icon. 
  • At the top of that screen you will see a line “Product Version=1.3.nn.mm”.    Right under that line type “test autoupdate=true” and close and save.  Now open up RMS Express and wait for a direction to come asking if you want to update to version 1.3.pp.qq and when you see that, go ahead and update.
#2.  Downloading and Archiving the Templates application
  • Go to the Yahoo Group “sdgdigi” and locate the communication indicating the latest version of the IC_213 template download (currently, “Beta of IC 213 with reply working.”)  Then find the zip file (currently, “ICS-213-reply.zip.”)  Click on “save,” select “open” and see that you have six zip files in a zip folder.   
  • Select “extract all files.”  Then, use the “Browse” option to open the same RMS Express directory that you opened in #1 above.  In that directory open the folder that is your “Call Sign” and scroll down to the Folder labelled “Templates.”  Select it as the location for the six zip files to be extracted and execute the extraction.  The result will be six files in your “Call Sign” Templates folder.  Three will be labelled IC-213_NoReply and three will be labelled IC-213_With Reply.   The “No Reply” files provide the template for Sending an IC-213 message and the “WithReply” files provide the template for Replying to the message with the information from the Sending form included.  Close all open tabs.

#3.  Installing IC_213 as a Favorite Template
  • Open RMS Express.  Click on “Message.”  Select “Set Favorite Templates.”  In the option “Favorite Template #1” give the application a name like ICS 213 HTML SENDING and then click on “Browse” and accept the file “C:\RMS Express\Your Call\Templates\IC213_NoReply.txt” by choosing “Save.”  Then, in the option Favorite Template #2, give the application a name like ICS 213 HTML ORIGINAL WITH REPLY click on “Browse” and accept the file “C:\RMS Express\Your Call\Templates\ICS213_WithReply.txt.”  Next, click on “Message” and then “New Message” and see that you have two new options on the action selection line entitled “ICS 213 HTML SENDING” and “ICS 213 HTML ORIGINAL WITH REPLY.”  
#4. Using the IC_213 Template
  • Click on the action option “HTML IC_213.”  An ICS form 213 will come up on the screen.   Fill in items #1 through 8 in the usual way and then drop down to the bottom of the screen where you will see the box “Submit.”  You will then find the option to “Post to Outbox” in the usual way and proceed to send the Template as executed in the usual way using the Session process.
  • If the recipient of the message has the IC_213 Template application installed, he or she can open the message in Template form by clicking on the “paper clip” icon to the far left of the received message.   If he or she does not have the IC_213 application installed, the message can still be read by opening it and reading it in “text” on the screen”
  • If the recipient of the message has the IC_213 application installed, he or she can open the application “ICS HTML ORIGINAL WITH REPLY.”  This will cause the original information to be placed into the boxes above the REPLY box.   Now, just type in the reply and any changes you desire on this HTML form, Click “Submit”, post to the Outbox and send as usual.

Ed Sack W3NRG 04-23-15